About Us

VIVARI is a term in the Korean Jeju Island dialect. It means young unmarried woman. Here at Vivari we want to supply Aestheticians with products and equipments to make their customers feel "young and beautiful" like a "Vivari". Our motto here at Vivari is "All Aesthetics in One Hand" and we strive to uphold this motto, which means to have all the necessities and support for an Aesthetician to service their customers. We plan to continue our services while making doing business with us fast and convenient.

With have the privilege of working with honest, modest and environmental loving companies such as Dr. Grandel and Harley Waxing.

VIVARI Corporation is committed on providing the highest quality and environmentally friendly products.

We, at VIVARI Corp, believe that modest and hard working mind of business is the key factor for success. We always work with our clients and understand their circumstances. We bend our back backwards to find the right solution and right answer they are looking for.

With the finest products and righteous mind we strive to achieve outstanding customer service.


Our History 

1995 - The Founder Austin Song has been selling the German Dr. Grandel products as the Regional Sales Manager in the New York area.

1999 - Vivari is incorporated and opened the office in Flushing, NY to serve its large growing customer base.

2000 - Vivari became Distributor for Silhouet-Tone, a Beauty Equipment and Furniture manufacturer based in Canada

2006 - Vivari opened an office in Manhattan, NY to serve as the main headquarters. Here, seminars are also held to teach licensed                         Professionals products and treatments.

2008 - Vivari was given exclusive rights as the Distributor of Dr. Grandel and its sister brand Phyris for the Northeast of the US.

2014 - Vivari merges the headquarter and office, moving both into one location to Bayside, NY