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Cirrus Vac-Spray

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Cirrus Vac-Spray

Item #ST-410506
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Quick Overview

Combines sprayer and vacuum. Ideal for spraying lotions (cleansing, purifying, soothing, and stimulating). Vacuum is used for vascular and oxygenating massages.

Product Description

1 blackhead cupping glass: to loosen comedones in difficult areas like the nose, chin and ears. Is used prior to manual extraction (code 416308)
1 anti-wrinkle cupping glass: increases blood circulation; oxygenates the skin and stimulates cell nutrition. (code 416312)
1 facial massage cupping glass: provides intense oxygenation of the skin through blood and lymph circulation. Ideal for eye treatments. (code 416316)
1 mist-spray nozzle bottle (code 416304)
2 (6') Plastic tubes (code 416324)
1 o-ring connector (code 416328)
1 cupping glass adapter (code 416300)
1 plastic bottle (code 416332)
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By Protocol Special
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By Target Special
By Care Face Care
Size Professional