November 2012 Article Summaries

Day Spa- "Smoothing Strategies"

Day Spa-  "See Spot Go"

Dermascope-"To Tone or Not to Tone"

Dermascope-"Skin Treatments: Inside and Outside"

LNE-"7 Signs of Aging"

LNE- "Microdermabrasion in the Wintertime"

2012 Element of Nature Body Cream in Nov 2012 LNE

"Dr. Grandel's Element of Nature Body Cream was featured in the Holiday Gift guide of LNE magazine! All natural, great for the dry winter air... & PERFECT as gifts!



October 2012 Article Summaries

Day Spa- "Tis the season to .. Tweet, Like, Follow, etc"

Day Spa- "Fourth Quarter Forecast"

September 2012 Article Summaries

LNE- " The Facial Room" 

Dermascope-"Your Skin.. A Window to Your Health"

Dermascope-"Understanding Moisturizers"

 DAYSPA-"Work Flow: Protect your Massage Therapists"

DAYSPA-"Back to School"

 August 2012 Article Summaries

DAYSPA-"For (Young) Adults Only"

LNE-"Waiting for Mr. Client"

Dermascope-"Handling Customer Complaints"

Dermascope- "Client Retention"


July 2012 Article Summaries


LNE July 2012 Article: " Safely and Effectively Treat all Skin Types"

LNE July 2012 Article:" "Is your Spa a Client Magnet?"

Day Spa July 2012 Article: "Om Safety"

Day Spa July 2012 Article:" Third Quarter Forecast"

June 2012 Article Summaries


LNE June 2012 Article: "Skin Wellness Inside and Out"

Dayspa June 2012 Article: "Surface Tension"

Dermascope June 2012 Article: "Setting the Record Straight about Sun Protection"


Attracting Mr. Right

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"Finding the Right Method of Exfoilation"

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2012- Blemish Balm DCS in April 2012 Marie Claire




Blemish Balm The Original - Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik Video



2011-Dr. Christine Schrammek