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Quick Overview

The HyaNeedle Starter Kit consists of 1x Handle and 4x Roller Heads to perform Hyaluronic Micro Therapy treatments.

Product Description

The HyaNeedle Starter Kit consists of 1x Handle and 4x Roller Heads to perform Hyaluronic MicroTherapy treatments.

The new Generation of Trans Dermal Delivery without Titanium needles!
After 10 years of extensive research, Korean Scientists are now able to provide Estheticians a way of a fast Trans Dermal Delivery of Hyaluronic acid and Peptides without the use of Titanium needles.
3000 crystalized Hyaluronic acid micro-needles loaded with 21% Peptides dissolve naturally into the skin, releasing pure Hyaluronic acid and Peptides in the deeper skin layers. For instantly smooth skin! Clinically proven.
Combine it with our 2 Step Hyaluronic System to add Wellness to the MicroTherapy treatment.

Usage Instructions

After cleansing and light exfoliation, place the Roller Head onto the Handle.
Start rolling over the side of the neck, move back and forth 3 times per area (neck, jar line, cheeks, temple, forehead), then up and down 3 times before moving to the next area.
If the needles did not dissolve completely (in case of very dehydrated skin), massage a little bit of our Hyaluronic Essence onto each area and immediately roll over it again; focusing on areas that need it the most.
Once the roller is flat, apply a skin specific moisturizer (e.g. Dr Grandel Hyaluron Refill Cream)

Homecare Recommendation:
Due to the gentle needling treatment, there is no downtime or special homecare instructions. However, we recommend using a 3 day Ampoule Boost (e.g. Dr Grandel Hyaluron ampoules)

Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, Tripeptide, Centella Asiatica


1x Handle, 4x Roller Heads

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